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What is Body Love Boudoir Photography? 


Having your own boudoir session is an experience like no other. 

One that transcends the comfort zone and taps into that desire to feel amazing in your body.

This session provides a space to let go of your reservations, 

to be the bold babe who shamelessly radiates her feminine power. 

It’s about letting yourself feel beautiful, 

And cultivating curiosity, creativity, and confidence.

Because you know you have it Going On and you might as well Rock it! 

Radical, unapologetic self-love. That is what we are here for.

No matter how you go in, you will leave feeling like a goddess,


“I had never considered myself beautiful,

but I decided that I could change my mind.” 
          Regena Thomashauer, Pussy: A Reclamation



I know when you look at these images you are thinking how gorgeous they are and how they probably are runway models.  They are Gorgeous but these are everyday women that you would see in the local shopping mall or supermarket!  

They are wives, mothers, grandmothers, and so much more!  These amazing women are your local nurses, teachers, soccer moms, doctors, etc; these everyday women decided to treat themselves to an experience that is so much more than just a manicure or makeover.

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Love Notes




" I can’t say enough good things about my experience. The photos are amazing, The professionalism is outstanding and I left feeling like my absolute best self!"





" Had my session with Sarah Jo yesterday. All I can say is WOW!! So much fun and very relaxing. I was extremely nervous beforehand and almost didn't go. After the first few minutes Sarah had me laughing and really enjoying myself. The pictures turned out amazing!! It was really hard to pick out the best ones. A big shout out to Gabriel Frank for doing my hair and makeup, you made me look gorgeous."




" Sarah was absolutely amazing from start to finish. She makes the whole process very smooth and answers any questions you may have. Sarah makes the entire shoot fun and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!!"

A woman with her eyes closed

Your Luxury

“Body Love Boudoir Experience”

with Sarah Jo is a movement towards:

Appreciating your body just as it is, in all it’s glory

Owning that you’ve never lost your sexy!  EVER.

Celebrating yourself fully! Whether it is for a special birthday, reaching a goal, or getting the promotion.

Being kinder to ourselves, gentler to ourselves, and turned on BY OURSELVES FOR OURSELVES. Women who lean into their desires and their pleasures are full of vitality!

Inspiring other women in your life to love themselves more.

Live a little, splurge a little, and feel like a gorgeous woman once in a while! 

Sarah Jo Wright

Serving Cleveland to Sandusky and surrounding area in Ohio


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